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All and Everything About Dragons

The dragon is a fabulous animal, a fantastic monster, a mixed being that lives in the imaginary of many people, in the form of a snake with legs, wings and sometimes with multiple heads that plays a prominent role in popular myths and legends around the world. was born in order to spread information that all dragon lovers seek around the web. Please keep in mind this website tries its best not to include any particular information about dragons found in common role playing games, movies or tv series. This way we could all agree these site was meant to inform you about dragons as a common factor.

Types of Dragons

Here is a list of most known Dragons to date. There will be regular updates to the list since we keep researching about this incredible creatures all the time.

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Drake Dragon

Drake Dragon

lung dragon

Lung Dragon

wyrm dragon


wyvern dragon


General Description of Dragons

Dragons are mythological beings that have existed for many centuries in the cultures of the world. While there is no clear evidence as to whether dragons really existed, their presence flooded the stories and legends around our planet. The name dragon comes from the Latin draco which means snake or viper. In general and independently of the culture, the dragon is represented as a great snake with a variable thickness and height, endowed with wings and extremities with terminations in strong claws. It symbolizes power, wisdom and goodness in some cultures, while in others it is related to evil, greed and greed.

Images of Dragons

Some of the most amazing and beautiful Dragon pictures can be found here. Click on the image for a larger resolution.

hydra dragon

red wyrm

blue dragon

Dragon holding sphere

red quetzalcoatl

red dragon

Dark wyvern dragon


Classification of Dragons by Color

Here you will find all the classification of dragons sorted by their color.

As we know, dragons in different parts of the world are seen as a representation for something great and powerful. That also applies to their color and the element a dragon was born with.

The Metal element (grey dragon) turns the Dragon into a subject capable of facing any fight. Patience is not his strong suit and he is very intelligent and sincere, 

Metal Dragon Element

The element Water (blue and turquoise tones) gives the Dragon humanity and the ability to have patience when those around him cannot go at the same pace or things are not going as fast as might be expected. willful, intelligent, and generally too optimistic. 

Water Dragon Element

The element Wood (shades of brown and ochre) gives the Dragon an even higher degree of creativity and talent. Active travelers, his curious mind is always ready to know the latest and give it a twist. 

Wood Dragon Element

The element Fire (red tones yellow ochre purple etc) exalts the character of the Dragon and presents him as a demanding subject, impatient and even dictator.and it is not that he is a bad person, it is that he is totally convinced of how things have to be done and it bothers him that others do not see him equal nature is honest so they never try to deceive anyone. 

Fire Dragon Element

The element Earth (orange browns and pale greens) endows the Dragon with a sociable character that allows him to move with great agility among the others. He reasons more his impulses and his needs but he is able to slow down a little his march to wait for the one who is delayed. They are very spiteful.

Earth Dragon Element

History of Dragons

Of all the ancient mythological creatures, the dragons are the oldest, present in the traditions of almost every culture in the world, since the beginning of time. Because of this expansion it generates, the dragon and the story of dragons possesses infinite forms, and depending on the culture and local traditions are created around them. Different attributes are given to these fantastic beings.

White Dragon

In ancient times dragons were associated with deities such as the Great Mother, the water god or the great warrior god of the sun. Having the power to be benevolent or destructive, they were all powerful creatures. Because of all these qualities, the dragons succeeded in assuming roles such as those occupied by Set and Osiris in Egyptian mythology, as dragons of peace.

The shape of the dragons, appeared from their special power to control the Seas or the Earth. Many characteristics of the different peoples emerged as the legends of the dragons developed. People were once thought to live at the bottom of the sea, where they guarded enormous treasures. It was also believed that clouds lived, thunder and lightning were the breath of the dragon, hence it was thought that the dragon was a monster spitting fire through the mouth. The story of dragons is not only unique but spectacular.

The fundamental importance in the history of dragons with which the dragon has to do, is with the control of destiny. As the myth unfolds in the world, the dragons begin to represent chaos. Whose result was the awakening of man, which in turn gave rise to a struggle and a challenge to the power of the dragon. This type of dragon was considered as the intermediate between a demon and the Devil, in the east the dragon took on a different meaning.

That of a benevolent figure, the son of the heavens who was able to control the aquatic elements.

Of all the types of dragons that exist, the Western is described in many different and unique ways. Apparently, they were created from pieces of several other creatures.

In Africa the dragon is considered an evil power being and that the monster was the result of the union of the unnatural, of a wolf and an eagle. The dragon’s powers could wipe out entire countries and its eyes reflected the treasures it held.

Famous Dragons

sharizard pokemon

Charizard is a pokemon that has a size of 1.9m, an orange skin color with a lighter part in the area of the abdomen, two horns on his head, wings and a flame on the tip of his tail. This pokémon spits fire hot enough to melt any material, but if the opponent is weaker, he will never use this attack, when he uses the flame that he has in his tail begins to burn stronger, this is why he is known to make forest fires. Its wings can carry this pokemon to more than 1400m altitude, in search of stronger opponents.

toothless night fury how to train your dragon

It is one of the rarest, most dangerous and solitary species. It is distinguished by its green eyes and its dark blue color. It has the largest wings with respect to its size, and a slender body, like the appearance of a tiger or a lion, allowing it to go at high speeds and with its wings fly higher and faster than other species. Its dark color makes it practically invisible during the nights, which is when it makes its attacks. Being analytical, creative, and the most intelligent of all gives it a distinct advantage over others. He is betrayed by the noise he makes when he goes into a dive when he attacks. In addition to its night invisibility, its flame is a mixture of acetylene and oxygen that explodes when it hits the target. The explosion of this combination is capable of destroying and melting steel instantly. because the flame works more like a missile, it is not given the prize of the most powerful fire flame. because it is one of the few dragons to have 6 limbs and the only one to have the shortest legs with respect to the size of his body is fast on the ground and agile in body to body fights which allows him to defeat even the largest dragons. His teeth are super sharp and retractable which gives more power to the bite without spending so much energy. Because this dragon is nocturnal, it has developed visibility at night and since its eyes are at an intermediate angle it gives it one of the best visions. In summary it is the fastest dragon in flight, the most agile in melee combat, one of the most powerful flames, vision and bites, and practically invisible to the human eye or in other words: the most dangerous dragon.

saphira eragon

Saphira is a sapphire blue scale dragon (from the eragon movie) that was born from the union of Iormungr, a male dragon attached to the Riders, and Vervada, a female wild dragon. Saphira’s two progenitors died during the fall of the Riders, who were forced to serve King Galbatorix’s Empire.
She is Eragon’s companion and best friend; their minds are connected, so they are able to share thoughts, emotions, memories and feelings as if they were one being.

harry potter hungarian horntail

Considered the most dangerous of all dragons (“No kidding”, Harry and Ron’s annotation), the Hungarian HornTail has black scales, and its body is reminiscent of a lizard. It has yellow eyes, bronze horns and a similarly coloured spike from its long tail. The horntail has one of the longest range flames (more than fifteen meters). Its eggs are of a cement color and of a particularly hard shell; the young make their way using their tails, since they have well-developed spikes at birth. They feed on goats, sheep and, whenever possible, humans. Harry victoriously faces a female Hungarian HornTail in the first round of the Three Wise Men Tournament.